EB links up with KS LDN for "Love Me Now"

EB links up with KS LDN for "Love Me Now"

Linking up with YouTube star now rapper, KS LDN, EB produced an emotional yet mellow beat using his fine sound selection. From the percussion to the 808, it is easy tell that EB had a vision for where he wanted this beat to go and fortunately, KS LDN was able to understand this and match his vibe.

"Love Me Now", which now has over 30,000 streams on Spotify, explains the problems KS LDN experienced when in a relationship and how it resulted in his own trust issues in the future. It is definitely a song that anyone who has gone through a heartbreak, would easily be able to relate to.

Showing his versatility, EB is definitely growing as a producer and is someone you should keep an eye on.

Be sure to check out "Love Me Now" by clicking the picture below!

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